About Us

Caribbean Cellular Telephone Ltd (CCT) is the leading wireless provider in the British Virgin Islands (BVI).

CCT: Caribbean Cellular Telephone

Established in 1986 as CCT Boatphone by the wisdom of a group of local pioneers, the company was later re-branded as CCT Global Communications.

CCT is a proud locally owned company; decisions are made locally and tailored to the needs of our BVI customer base.

CCT is the home of the Freedom unlimited calling plans revolutionizing calling, data and SMS ability, leading the way in the BVI with flexibility, value and choice.

CCT currently offers to its customers an unmatched range of voice and data services through its GSM, CDMA, EVDO, WiMax and SDH state-of-the-art networks.

CCT Team

We value our team and treat them with unyielding integrity to enhance their abilities to deliver first class products and service to our customers.

CCT employees work together to connect people everywhere they live, play and work, and to do it better than anyone else by exceeding customer and shareholder expectations.

The CCT Advantage

  • Unmatched range of voice and data services
  • The best rates in the BVI for all services offered
  • Unlimited calling plans, including calls within the BVI, USA, Canada, PR and the UK.
  • Cutting-edge internet wireless services, including CCTnet and CCT Max
  • The best pre-paid offering, with its signature Double Top-Up.
  • Simplicity and transparency- our rates are simple, anytime rates, no confusion, no hidden charges.
  • The best international coverage of any carrier in the BVI, with wireless voice and data roaming agreements with more than 200 cellular companies in the world.
  • The best customer service experience- unique personal face to face customer attention.
  • An unprecedented retail outlet with a superb selection of handsets and devices.
  • Rollover, CCT offers wireless plans that allow customers to keep their unused anytime minutes from month to month.
  • The territory’s only network offering GSM and CDMA services.
  • Network- we are constantly striving to improve the coverage and the quality of our network to serve you better.