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A tailored solution to your communication needs!

CCT Wimax is the new high-speed wireless data service from CCT. CCT Wimax uses state-of-the-art wireless technology to transmit signals from/to your modem, giving you a secure and fast data connection.

Does your business need any of the following?

  • High data transfer speed
  • Immediate installation
  • Local hosting
  • Static IP addresses
  • Point to point services
  • Set up an internet Hot Spot on the fly for your customers
  • Enhanced reliability
  • Enhanced security
  • Enhanced VPN and FTP services
  • A tailored service agreement
  • Financial savings

If you answered yes to any of the above, CCT Wimax is the solution for you.

CCT Wimax is also a perfect redundant/disaster recovery link, offering smooth continuity for your business communication and data needs.

CCT Wimax Benefits to your business

Business Development – The combination of its unique features, such as high speed, static IP addresses or reliability/security, provide you with unprecedented tools to grow and develop your business in the BVI, including local hosting, multiple locations interconnection, remote management, surveillance and control ,set up public internet hot spots on the fly for your customers (separated from you corporate network for security), etc.

Speed – CCT Wimax lets you connect to the Internet at a variety of download and upload speeds from 512kbps up to 6Mbps, enabling much faster data transfers.

Reliability – Wimax is a reliable connection. There is no possibility of broken wires or cables; it is a secure network that never ties up your phone line. CCT Wimax is the ideal redundant/disaster recovery solution.

Security – CCT Wimax operates at licensed GHz frequencies, making it extremely secure and removing the vulnerability of scanning and packet interception.

Convenience / Immediate Installation – With CCT Wimax there is no need to wait, the installation of the service is immediate. There will be no interruption to the continuity of your business and no lengthy installation period. Furthermore, you do not need to contract a landline voice service, as in the case of DSL

Flexibility – Your business bandwidth needs can be changed and upgraded immediately, as your business needs change.

Available Products


The compact and portable solution!

BreezeMAX is a portable indoor plug and play box, giving you instant online access. Connecting to the Internet has never been simpler.

BreezeMAX Pro

BreezeMAX Pro is the complete indoor and outdoor unit.. It includes a high gain flat antenna with vertical or horizontal polarization. With BreezeMAX Pro you can solve all your business communication needs.

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