Stay connected to the Internet wherever you are in the BVI. CCTnet provides a reliable mobile Internet connection, which is great for everything from checking your e-mail to instant messaging or surfing the web, with the convenience of full mobility. Choose from our wide variety of plans and modem options.


CCTnet is the ultimate mobile Internet solution, providing the flexibility to connect to the Internet
throughout the BVI. Check mail, tweet or browse online - all powered by our FREE USB modem.

CCTnet Zero Contract

CCTnet Zero contract provides all the benefits of CCTnet without the contract period.. Purchase a CCT modem and pay the service fee on the 1st of each month. No contracts, no bills, no deposits.


The MiFi modem has the added benefit of allowing users to share their Internet connection with up to 5 devices. MiFi is small enough to fit in your pocket, ideal for connecting on the move.


With up to 100 ft of Wi-Fi coverage, the Axesstel modem is ideal for boats and offices.

CCT Net Value Plan

Service Price Contract Users Wi-Fi
CCTnet $59.00 18 Months 1 N/a
Additional Line $39.00 18 Months 1 N/a
CCTnet Zero $69.00 0 1 N/a
Mifi $79.00 18 Months Up to 5 Up to 30 ft
Mifi Zero $89.00 0 Up to 5 Up to 30 ft
Axesstel $89.00 18 Months Multiple Up to 100ft
Axesstel Zero $99.00 0 Multiple Up to 100ft

The CCTnet modem is a one off purchase of $129 Available FREE on contract

Bundle and Save

Save up to 50% off the price of your internet each month when bundled with a CCT voice plan.

CCTNet Customers Get Free Wifi

All of our CCTNet and CCTMax customers now get free access to the CCT Wifi Network!

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